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The program allows you to easily create and manage project data and it is very easy to use and effectively complete all the important activities that are required for the design of these.  . The program offers easy access to a wide range of tools for managing and processing project data. Third generation logic Second generation and first generation logic — The Gen2 Logic architecture is a relatively low level, designed to provide common parts of different design and implementation contexts. The main functionality of the Gen2 logic is restricted to a specific task of the control of the connection from the UCF (user control flow) state machine to the connected information objects. The Gen2 logic is based on the  — The Core logic framework, which provides a set of logic functions that are responsible for managing the state of the design.  — It includes a set of high-level functions that are responsible for managing the flow of information between the UCF state machine and connected information objects. Each of the high-level functions is in charge of a specific task (analysis, verification and design). The detailed mechanism of the Core logic framework is explained in the article "Introduction to Core logic". Third generation — the principles of the third generation architecture are:  — and — A . We must note that in the current state of the software, the third generation system contains some old ideas, still present in the software. Third generation logic — The Gen3 logic architecture is a high level logic that operates at the system level. The Gen3 logic is based on the concept of "design patterns" — groups of logic functions, linked by the dependency relationship. The Gen3 logic implements the design patterns using the concept of "logic bricks" — new "logic bricks" for the implementation of existing functional patterns. The third generation architecture provides new features for generating a faster design, better traceability and deployment, and a more understandable solution in the context of software engineering. At the same time, the Gen3 logic contains a built-in mechanism for managing, tracking and tracing the process flow within the logic. Gen3SYS The Gen3SYS architecture is a subsystem of the Gen3 logic that manages the (logic, files, resources, etc.) and access to the (files, APIs, drivers, etc.). The Gen3SYS is based on the concept of a "design pattern" — the logical module (logic brick), which is responsible for managing the



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